Our Mission Statement

Our number one goal is to treat our customers with compassion and honesty while providing fast service.

Commitment to our Customers

  • Not to forget if we didn’t have customers we wouldn’t be here.
  • Respect our customer privacy.
  • Ensure our business environment promotes a respectful atmosphere for our employees
  • Act fast to help resolve the situation for the customer.

Our Business Practices

  • Never lie to our customers
  • Engage in honest business practices
  • Respect the privacy and opinions of each individual
  • Maintain integrity in all of our business practices.

Our History

Bail Now Bail Bonds has a combined 35 years experience in posting bail bonds. We have built relationships with the most successful attorneys in the State . Bail Now Bail Bond’s success has been driven by Attorney referrals, repeat clients, and referrals from prior customers. Bail Nowis one of the largest bail bond companies on The West Coast.

Bail NOW Defined

The word BailNow suggests that we have the ability to provide our customers with outstanding service, and we have the ability to post bail bonds our competitors cant.

BAIL NOW BAIL BONDS competes actively with all bail bond companies the thing that set us apart is Bail Now has the Ability to post large bonds $500,000 + within an hour of contacting us unlike our competitors where it can take a couple of days.

Experience Personified

Thirty five years of combined experience, professionalism and unsurpassed knowledge of the court system gives BAIL NOW BAIL BONDS the fire power necessary to excel in a very competitive market place. Experience, integrity and knowledge afford Ability’s current and potential customers flexibility and exceptional guidance, needed in today’s fast-paced court/ jail system. Whether you need a bond or you just have questions about the legal system, BAIL NOW is always available – we’re 24/7. BAIL NOW knows what it takes to help each customer especially with all the different requirements of each jail in the State of California. We treat you like family.

Please contact us if you need a bail bondsman or if you have questions about the process! We are confident you will be 100% satisfied with the service BAIL NOW BAIL BONDS provides.

So now that we have gone over the basics of BAIL NOW BAIL BONDS and what we do as a bail bonds company, let’s talk the real facts on bails bonds themselves, bounty hunting and any other preconceived notions regarding bail bonds.

Why use a bail bond?

Because it is the quickest and cheapest was to release a loved one from jail. BAIL NOW is able to get the information they need from the cosigner and post the bond at the jail and have the defendant released in no time at all. Yes, you can go to the jail yourself and pay a cash bail to the jail. But this entails you to pay the full amount of the bond. Meaning, if the bail is $12,000, YOU pay $12,000. You will get some of that money back in time but most will go to court fees and fines during the case.

What does a bail bond look like?

A bail bond is basically a check. BAIL NOW bonding will write out a bail bond with the defendants name, date, charge and county in which the charges are brought. BAIL NOW will then hand the bail bond over to the county jail, which they will hold for the remainder of the defendant’s case.

How long does the bond last?

A bail bond is good and active until the case is over. Once the case is finished, the bail bond can be exonerated. The length of a case can vary between a couple of months to a couple of years.

Will Dog The Bounty Hunter be knocking on my door?

Technically, no, Dog will not be at your door. But as we said earlier, if the defendant misses their court appearance, Bail Now will contact the cosigner to help in bringing the defendant back into custody. If the defendant is unwilling to cooperate, BAIL NOW will call upon their recovery agent to locate and apprehend the defendant to bring them back into custody. So, although it might not be Dog himself, if you run, we will find you. This will eliminate any financial loss on the part of the cosigner and the bonding company.

A bond is forfeited and the defendant remains on the run…what happens then?

Once a bond is forfeited and BAIL NOW, the cosigner, and the recovery agent cannot return the defendant back into custody, the courts will demand full payment of the bail bond amount. BAIL NOW will first demand payment from the cosigner, if the cosigner is unwilling or unable to pay, BAIL NOW turns to their insurance company. Every bail bonds company is and must be insured by an insurance company. This is the courts way of ensuring payment with every bond written under any circumstances. Also, for every bail bond that is written a portion of the 10% fee goes directly to the insurance company as their payment.

This outcome, however, is very rare. In most cases, Bail Now and the cosigner are able to work together to bring the defendant back into custody and get the bond reinstated.

Can BAIL NOW BAIL BONDS only write bonds in the California area?

Absolutely NOT! BAIL NOW is licensed throughout the entire state of CA and has bondsmen on hand 24 hours a day across the state. We can also post bonds NATIONWIDE! If you are unable to meet an agent at the jail, BAIL NOW agents can come to you in the comfort of your own home. Whatever city, county, state or jail, BAIL NOW BAIL BONDS can be there!